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Over 15 Years experience we had over 200 global clients

MetaTrader 4/5
Plugins & Applications

Always on the forefront of the financial market field; MQPLANET is following up the latest Meta quotes products MT5, gathering all the needed information to provide its valued customers with cost effective, time reducing automated solutions.
Stopout All
Close All Opsitions Once the Account Reach Stopout Level
Storage Plugin
Calculate storage value's after specific number of days
Agents Handler
Distrubte Commission for Multiple Agents instead of one agent
Dynamic Margin
Change Margin calculations based on volume and equtity

Web Design
& Development

When we deliver services to our clients we study the inner realities and dynamics of their organizations and thereafter provide outstanding customized solutions.

Get More Power with Dedicated Servers.

Fully managed, performance-tuned dedicated servers

Latest Technologies

Smart Solutions using Latest technologies now between you hands

Cloud Solutions

Cloud hosting services provide hosting on virtual servers which pull their computing resource from extensive underlying networks of physical web servers.

MT4/5 For MAC

Provide your traders the operating system of their choice: Mac OS . Get a Manager and Admin application for yourself. No virtual machines, no reboots.


Monitor your MetaTrader4 / MetaTrader5 servers, services and Prices through our smart Monitor application and get Notified whenever you had issue's

Websites & Web Solutions
All information, including client accounts and installation specifications, which MQ Planet receives from Clients and vice-versa, is not available to the public and/or cannot complied by reference to information or data available in the public domains

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