MT4 SMS/MAIL Notification

MT4 SMS/Mail Notification sends messages and emails based on the following events:


Handled Events:

  • Deposit/Withdraw/Credit in/Credit out
  • Activation of Pending Orders
  • Activation of SL/TP
  • Stopouts
  • Margin Call

Software Features:

  •  Sending SMS/Mail Notification
  •  Enable/Disable Type of Messages Per User
  •  Allows Custom SMS provider gateway
  •  2 Types of DataBases ( SQLite + mySQL )
  •  Ability to set credit ( SMS ) per user.
  •  Unicode Messages for both Email and SMS
  •  Diffrent Mail Supported Authentication methods ( Anonymous, Plain,SSL/TLS )



Flexible DB like mySQL can allow integration with Traders Room or any Web Application of your own

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